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Technical Language Translation Services

Technical Language Translation is the key specialisation of Honyaku Remedies. Any client can use our translation service for translating technical documents into any of the Indian/International used languages from English or vice versa. Our aim is to provide excellent quality translation of technical documentation, user manuals for software, online services, telecom equipment, online services, and SaaS applications and also for medical devices. Mainly we deal in technical translation services with a professional outlook for the following:-

  • Patents
  • Charts, diagrams and tables
  • Help Manuals for software
  • Data in Auto CAD files
  • Detailed description of inventions, software enhancements and technical solutions
  • Handbooks and users guide on how to use different devices and tools.

We understand that maintaining consistency throughout the document is very important. While translating a technical document, our specialised team of translators chooses the best equivalent for each term in another language to ensure accuracy. We use specialised tools on every project.