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Medical Translation Services

Translation of Medical documents is an important part of translation process. It requires in-depth knowledge of the medical terminology in order to understand the exact meaning of the document and then translate it. Even a small mistake in the translation of medical instructions, software documentation or any details about pharmaceutical information can prove costly. There have been cases reported of negligence during translation of medical documents which have severely affected the lives of patients. While choosing a medical translation service, we need to check that the company should have properly skilled staff with comprehensive medical knowledge. It is not a wise idea to go for a medical translation service which provides quick and cheaper services.

Quality assurance is very important for medical translations and may involve many sessions of proof reading, or providing assistance to the patient along with the team or focus group testing.

At, Honyaku remedies, medical translation is taken up on a very serious note and we also extend our services beyond the translation of the documents. We ensure accuracy and punctuality along with reliability at a reasonable rate. In order to ensure that the translation is done precisely and consistently, we offer an optional service of providing another translator who does complete proofreading of the entire document. Some of the documents for which we provide professional medical translation services are:

  • Medical Research papers
  • Hospital - patient consent forms,
  • Instruction sheets
  • Medical Product Manuals
  • Medical equipment documents
  • Hospital discharge summary
  • Medical reports
  • Medical journals